Monday, July 21, 2008

MailFoundry to the rescue.

There is a new SPAM filter in town...drumroll......MailFoundry.

I bumped into the folks from MailFoundry at this years Microsoft Tech-Ed conference. They claim ZERO false positives. WOW....

Anyhow, they offer a 30 day evaluation but you do have to pay for the appliance - fully refundable if you decide not to keep it. However, their reasoning for the initial purchase is that the majority of their customers who purchase, don't return it because it works so well.

Like many of today's SPAM filters, there is a lot of "learning" that goes on to build a database of what SPAM looks like in your environment. MaiFoundry takes a completely different approach.

I decided to try out the MailFoundry 2100. Out of the box, it's pretty sleek looking. Setup was a breeze and quick to configure. There are many features that your already used to such as whitelists, SPF (very important), RBL, IP/domain blacklist, reverse lookups, RFC compliance..etc..

So far it has definitely performed as it promised. AND at a good time. Our OTHER SPAM filter is up for the yearly licensing renewal. MailFoundry is affordable..did I mention affordable? It comes with anti-virus and a great reporting tool with colorful charts if you need to report on activity. Just to give you a sample, ours has been running for 11 days. 129,661 total messages, 22,105 allowed messages, 107,556 Blocked Messages. 82% percent of the email being blocked has been deemed SPAM.

This thing is awesome.

Check out MailFoundry for more info.

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